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Friday, February 12, 2010

Beware of Fraud: Be Careful of What You Click On!

Hello relatives,
I was reading my eWeek magazine and the editor was writing to remind readers that we all make mistakes regardless of how much experience we have with computers.  Name of the article, "Do the right thing."

An example in phishing was an email she received from the "IRS" letting her know that the 1040 tax form had been updated.  All she had to do was click on this link.  The email looked very official and being at the right time when everyone is filing returns, it offered a simple way to get a form that a great many taxpayers use.  She didn't click on the link and I hope that if you get such an email that you don't either.  If you want the latest IRS forms, go to http://www.irs.gov/formspubs/index.html

Here's another one:  a chain-mail email was sent to see if  people still think that they will get money by forwarding email to a friend, forwarded to a friend, forwarded to a friend, etc.  It's hard to believe that some folks are still falling for that sort of stuff.  Well, they are just going to have to sit there and wait for their checks.

Thirdly, if a virus is reported on your computer and your computer acts strangely then it is possible that the virus was not cleaned out properly.  One of the writers at eWeek had a problem when he installed an updated version of an anti-virus program.  The anti-virus program detected a trojan virus, but it didn't remove the part of the infection that gave the command to launch the trojan upon startup.  Note: the trojan infection puts commands in the Windows registry that will restart a removed virus.  The next day when restarting his computer he got an error stating that a file wasn't able to load.  After some careful thought, he remembered the trojan.  The missing file was part of the complex trojan virus.  If he had reloaded that missing file, he would have re-infected the computer.  So, even experienced computer users have challenges from malware.

Summary: Don't click on anything that sounds too good to be true.  It could be that it isn't true. Don't click until you read it, give it some thought, and give it some more thought.  Maybe then you'll decide not to click in it.  If you like, you can call me and we'll go through it together.

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