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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

To Blogger Feedback

Description: Relatives, Oh my, the whole page moves left and cannot access it. This is troublesome, because I have to reload the page over and over until it works. And both chrome and firefox does the same thing. So we know it's on your end. Make it more stable please. Good luck. by the way, each time I send feedback, the whole page moves back. it is never captured. Since I can't send you my own image, next time, I will send a url of the picture of my page on blogger posts. Thank you, Whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com


Relatives, Here is a real picture of the whole thing moved left and even after several directions of entering the post, still stays left. I have to leave the post, wait awhile, then return. I guess waiting for a reset on your end. whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com blogger of 100's of blogs

Welcome to the home of love, where your computer gets to know of hugs. Take the time to give it love, to ensure the spine stands, on the test of time (until you update protection files again). For only you can operate the golden rule, do unto your computer, who knows who to fool. But we do outwit the slyest fox, when we give love instead of gloves (put them up, combative forces). The greatest part of protection is clear, the smooth operation of moving in space is dear (world wide web). Protect my computer God above to bring the Angels down below. Bless and bless the common place, to be rest assured that all is grace.