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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Get computers to our less fortunate members or whoever else in the world comes along

Hi Relatives,

There are some people in the hoops who do not have computers.  They use their telephones to text messages for communicating with the hoops or they go to the library or into town to a business that has internet access (many coffee shops have WiFi). 

Relatives, would it be possible for you to dig out your old computer(s); together, you and I will take a look at it (or anyone else who wants to get in on the action) to see if it would be usable for someone?

Objective:  get computers to our less fortunate members or whoever else in the world comes along?

Together, we could:
  1. Over-the-phone and using email, we will determine if it is a recoverable computer.  If you need help, I will guide you along step by step.
  2. If you give it away, then any money spent becomes tax deductible: parts, shipping, mileage for running around, etc.
  3. Software cost is no longer an issue.  Just about everything that is needed is available without cost (software programmers appreciate donations) and that includes operating system, office suites, drawing, painting, and engineering autocad and the list goes on and on: free.
You all know how much a recipient would benefit.  To be able to use the computer on the internet for email, to surf the internet to learn almost anything.  Create documents (write resumes), create web pages, create drawings and/or paintings, etc.
Everyone who touches the computer at each step in this revitalization process will learn.  It becomes an educational project as well as benefiting the recipient.
What do you think?

COST should be little or nothing.  Maybe less than $20 per computer.  First we would need to determine what the computer needs to be functional or more functional.
  From what I've seen, most older computers simply need more memory, hence the $20 number.

NOTE: Anyone receiving this email who needs a computer, please let us know.
Welcome to the home of love, where your computer gets to know of hugs. Take the time to give it love, to ensure the spine stands, on the test of time (until you update protection files again). For only you can operate the golden rule, do unto your computer, who knows who to fool. But we do outwit the slyest fox, when we give love instead of gloves (put them up, combative forces). The greatest part of protection is clear, the smooth operation of moving in space is dear (world wide web). Protect my computer God above to bring the Angels down below. Bless and bless the common place, to be rest assured that all is grace.