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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Browser Issues Due to Your Hoops, Groups, Blocked Images or Words and Computer Attacks

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Hawkwind Going Places  wrote:

White Buffalo Calf Woman,
In the emails you are sending to the groups, most of the time the pictures are
over the words, the result being that like 1/3 of the words cannot be read.  So only 2/3 of the message is understandable or readable.

Just thought you might like to know.

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From    Twin Deer Mother
to Hawkwind Going Places
date    Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 8:46 PM
subject    Re: pictures block words - FYI

Hawkwind Going Places,

Yes, I am looking into this, for this happens at google groups, or yahoo groups? (this will tell me a lot, which group are you getting this problem?)  I don't have this problem in my email at gmail.

This is why I want you to use your gmail.  I noticed that google has trouble with groups and I see no photos at all at these groups. 

Even the group messages at yahoo have no pictures.  I do think that yahoo mail is a big problem even with  bouncing.  Yahoo even lost my domain mail, which was paid for.

love, white buffalo calf woman

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Holiness David says this is Browser dependent problem and check your browsers to improve this situation.  Like I  said I use Gmail, and this doesn't occur regardless of browser.  However I use Firefox because it provides me with quick manageable tabs and fewer security issues.  Now, Holiness David is suggesting I go to Google Chrome as least for a backup.  I presently have three Internet browsers, Google Chrome, Microsoft IE8 and Firefox, which provides me with Web Administrator issues resolve, because I can check out various browsers and get feedback.  Most of the world uses Microsoft IE8 and it is changing.  Microsoft has so many open holes and this provides hackers and malware to penetrate your computer.  They are working hard to resolve these issues, however this is the main problems.

I went to Yahoo groups to change my profile and uploaded a security problem.  It shut my computer down.  This also happens at Ning, Facebook, Myspace, and all the other Social Groups. It is vital that you use free security and this is located at this blog http://mycomputerisprotected.blogspot.com or http://runningeagleshootingstar.blogspot.com as Holiness David scrambles to resolve security issues for the group.  Unfortunately when using for paid security, they tend to be infestations and you are not able to access information and malware knows how to trick you, including About: Blank and Personal Antivirus and others.  Even if you click on the box to remove it, you just clicked on the virus and it started downloading.  This is hardware damaging and you will need to go and recover your data with a Professional Computer Repair.  BEWARE:  Do NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING WHEN About Blank or Personal Antivirus Shows up.  Instead go do your security scans and if this work.  Turn off your computer, holding the power button for five seconds and reboot. Everyday you need to get updates to prevent your computer from crashing, and if you do get your updates, you can still crash.  So you turn your computer off and reboot, be sure to save files all along the way with Control S.

Once a year, your registry needs an overhaul-cleaning, and this can be done with Holiness David holding your hand. Call on Friday nights 5pm PST

Dial-in number: 1-641-715-3715
 PIN: #062013

While Elders available by Telephone
Fri 4pm PST each week

To get into your Gmail account to sign in go to: http://www.google.com, here you can access your many features at the top of the page which provides you with all your links into Google.  First thing go to Igoogle at the upper right, click to change page to a newsletter or daily reader.  Here you can add all kinds of gadgets and RSS feeds which include Blogging with Blogspot or any Rss (really simple syndication) with a little link on the right of the page with an arrow pointing towards gadgets.

The computer contains crystalline chips, just like we are traveling along, the Crystalline Stone River and it is imperative you bless all the pages you enter and go about in your daily computing, to prevent breakdown and to reduce internet crimes like malware and other internet scams which are on the uprise these days, due to collision with the dark space our heaven.  If we bless, then we bring others home with us, if we do not, then your computer will be destroyed.  This is basic physics and it is really quite simple to resolve issues when you have Holiness David on the job.  Be sure to call upon him, as he will help you in any way possible.  If he doesn't have the answer, he will find it for you.  His career consisted of being the Global Technical Instruction for Semi-conductor equipment.  This means he trained Engineers around the world and has the highest certifications allowable.  However he is quite able to speak to us common folks too, as he also volunteers with simple issues like use of your computer.

your devoted servants,

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Update from Helen Crystal Heart
Dearest Twin Deer Mother,
I use IE8 and Yahoo for my main e-mail address.  Just wanted to let you know that the issue with pictures covering the words is resolved if one switches to Yahoo's All New Mail.  It automatically reformats mail with pictures to the side of the words.
You can very easily switch back and forth from Yahoo's classic mail.
I have gotten good results but checking my computer for updates from Microsoft/windows and also visiting their communities for help.  I found Malwarebytes.org free download very helpful and resolved most of my issues.
I hope this is helpful.
Blessings to all,

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