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Monday, December 5, 2011

Help for Older and Newer Computers

Dear Relatives,

Today, Monday, I briefly talked to Golden Koby about a computer that given to them. They took it to their nearby computer shop to see if they could gain access to the password but to no avail.
I reviewed some information from the Microsoft support website about system passwords and the results was that if you don't know and/or cannot get the password, you need to reinstall the operating system software.

Regarding older computers, this is what I would like to suggest to anyone who reads this blog posting:
Do not spend time or money taking older computers to the local shop to see if they can help.
Let me help you. If you don't want to, that's OK; I just wanted to offer because I love doing this kind of stuff.

I have two programs that I have become used used to that I can recommend for older (and newer) computers for free! The operating systems I am referring to are: Ubuntu 11.10 and Lubuntu 11.10. Some companies are shipping brand-new computers with Ubuntu 11.10.
Depending on the computer hardware, I can suggest which one to install on your computer. I can send you a CD-ROM or you can download these programs off the internet.

Please let me know what kind of computer you have that you cannot get the password for (or any computer for that matter).
1. the manufacturer name: might be on the laptop lid or if you have desktop computer, somewhere on the case, and might also be on the bottom or back of the computer.
2. open the laptop lid and look for any names or numbers.
3. look at the laptop bottom for any names or numbers including S/N numbers (serial numbers)
4. turn on the computer and watch for any names or numbers that whisk before your eyes. You might have to do this several times to get the information.
5. One more place that might have information is in BIOS. To get into this, turn on the computer and note at the bottom left of the screen, it will show F2 or F10 or Esc to get into BIOS. This will also go by pretty quick, so you might have to do it a couple of times to get it. Write down anything like manufacturer and model numbers, hard drive information, etc.
6. email me for more help. Do not be shy.

Given the information you get off of the computer or computers, I can get you started on using that computer that thought was ready for the recycle bin. Based on the information you send me, I might also recommend buying more memory or a better hard drive.
Some old slow computers have limited RAM memory that can be installed and that could be a limiting factor and you might have to face the fact that it is time to recycle. Again, let me help you decide.
Note: do not put old computers, printers, televisions or monitors into the trash. Always use recycle.
Love and blessings,
Holiness David

Welcome to the home of love, where your computer gets to know of hugs. Take the time to give it love, to ensure the spine stands, on the test of time (until you update protection files again). For only you can operate the golden rule, do unto your computer, who knows who to fool. But we do outwit the slyest fox, when we give love instead of gloves (put them up, combative forces). The greatest part of protection is clear, the smooth operation of moving in space is dear (world wide web). Protect my computer God above to bring the Angels down below. Bless and bless the common place, to be rest assured that all is grace.