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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beware Phishing E-mail Scam from "WebCT Service" And Many Others Too!

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Recently some customers started to receive messages claiming to be about "WebCT Service" and requesting users re-active their accounts. These messages are from not from UNLV or from WebCT. Please delete them.
Official messages from UNLV :
  1. would be sent from an e-mail address containing @unlv.edu or @unlv.nevada.edu. 
  2. will NEVER ask for account passwords or other sensitive data
  3. should contain contact information in the message
Campus e-mail administrators have been notified in an effort to prevent these messages from reaching your in-box.
Below is a sample of the scam:
From: Rosa Mathis
Date: Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 9:30 PM
Subject: WebCT Service
To: "info@notice.com"

Your mailbox has exceeded it storage limit set by you administrator.  Because of this, you might not be able to send or recieve email. You are to click on the link below to get your account re-activated.  http://webct.            question form .com/          public/webct
Note: Do not send email username and password through email!!!!

WebCT Service

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 8:58 AM, Carol Palmer wrote:

IT ugrade Service,

You have exceeded the limit of your mailbox set by your WEBCT
SERVICE, and you will be having problems in sending and recieving mails.
To prevent this, please click on the link below to reset your account.

CLICKHERE: http://www.             plowon distributor   .com/form          /use/admin/form1.html

IT ugrade Service,

You have exceeded the limit of your mailbox set by your WEBCT
SERVICE, and you will be having problems in sending and recieving mails.
To prevent this, please click on the link below to reset your account.

CLICKHERE: http://www.        plowon  distributor  .com             /form/use/admin/form1.html

Failure to do this, will result in limited access to your mailbox.
Warning!!! Do not send your username and password via email.

IT ugrade Service,IT ugrade Service,

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Mexican Largest Flower in the World Photo - Blooms Once Every Forty Years

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Message warns that users will have to pay for MSN and email accounts unless they send the warning to at least 18 contacts.
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Let's Say Thanks Website - Send a Card to a Soldier

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Striped Iceberg Photographs

Email claims that attached photographs show several spectacular striped icebergs found in the Antarctic area.
Updated: 20th November 2009

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Mailbox Deactivated Trojan Email

Email purporting to be from technical support claims that the recipient's mailbox has been deactivated and he or she must run an attached utility in order to restore email service.
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Published: 4th November 2009

Microsoft Email Beta Test Hoax Continues

Revamped version of the Microsoft email beta test hoax includes "testimonies" and a bank account screenshot of supposed money received. The message claims that Microsoft will send money to anybody who forwards it to others.
Updated: 4th November 2009
Huge Banana Bunch Photograph

Email forward includes a photograph apparently showing a massive bunch of bananas hanging from a very tall banana tree.
Updated: 4th November 2009
Sachin Tendulkar And The Shell Shaped House

Email claims that an unusual and beautiful shell-shaped house depicted in a series of attached photographs is the home of Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and is located in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai, India.
Published: 3rd November 2009

Microsoft Magic

Message outlines three seemingly strange procedures in Microsoft Windows operating systems and claims that not even Microsoft knows why these procedures work as they do.
Updated: 2nd November 2009

First Communion on the Moon

Message claims that Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin took communion on the Moon using a special communion kit given to him by his church.
Published: 30th October 2009
Incredible Music Machine Prank - University of Iowa

Email forward claims that an attached video shows an incredible music machine made from farm equipment at the University of Iowa.
Updated: 29th October 2009

Error in Shipping Address Trojan Email

Email, purporting to be from a parcel delivery service claims that a package could not be delivered due to a shipping address error and instructs the recipient to open an attachment to print out a shipping label.
Published: 29th October 2009
Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Trojan Email

Email, purporting to be from Facebook, claims that the user's Facebook password has been changed and informs him or her that the new password can be found in an attached document.
Published: 28th October 2009

Paypal Primary Email Address Change Phishing Scam

Email, purporting to be from PayPal, claims that the recipient's primary email address has changed and urges him or her to click a link in the message if the address change was unauthorised.
Published: 27th October 2009

Nicotine in Tim Hortons Coffee Hoax

Message claims that Canadian coffee and doughnut chain, Tim Hortons, adds nicotine to its coffee and that patrons have suffered serious health problems as a result.
Updated: 26th October 2009
Cadbury Products - Halal Certification Authority Logo Protest Email

Protest message calls on Australian consumers to avoid buying products that include the Halal Certification Authority Logo because the fees food companies pay for the use of the logo go to a religion that is "actively trying to destroy the Australian way of life" and possibly even supporting terrorism.
Published: 23rd October 2009
AAAAAA@AAA.AAA - First Address Book Entry Virus Control Hoax

Virus protection "tip" claims that you can counter email worms simply by placing a phony email address such "AAAAAAA@AAA.AAA" as as the first entry in your address book.
Updated: 22nd October 2009
Australian Flag Lapel Pin Story - Response to Muslim Woman's Checkout Criticism
Protest email tells the story of how a Muslim woman in a supermarket checkout line was firmly put in her place after she made critical remarks about the cashier's Australian flag lapel pin and Australia's involvement in the Iraq war.
Published: 21st October 2009

Good Old Macca's - McDonald's Australia "Leave Out Items" Memo Hoax

Email forward supposedly contains a copy of a confidential inter-office memo in which a McDonald's manager advises staff to deliberately leave out products from customer orders as a means of increasing profits.
Published: 8th October 2009
Nine Zero Hash Phone Scam Hoax

Email claims that a scammer can take control of you phone if you key in 90#.
Updated: 21st October 2009

USS New York Built With World Trade Center Steel

Message claims that steel left from the World Trade Center is being used in the construction of new navy assault ship, USS New York.
Updated: 20th October 2009

Obama Muslim Stamp - USPS Muslim Holiday Stamp Release Protest Message

Email claims that US President Obama has directed the US Postal Service to release a new stamp that honours the Muslim EID holiday season.
Published: 20th October 2009
Image of the North Pole With the Moon at its Closest Point

Image of the North Pole With the Moon at its Closest Point.
Updated: 2nd October 2009

Request for New Home for Labradors Cookie and Coco

Email asks for help finding a new home for Cookie and Coco, two Labradors whose owners are moving and cannot take the dogs.
Published: 2nd October 2009

Spider Under Florida Toilet Seat Hoax

Email claims that people have died after being bitten by a spider hiding under a restaurant toilet seat in Florida .
Updated: 1st October 2009

Microsoft, Yahoo, Google Lottery Scam

Email claims that the recipient has won a large sum of money in a lottery draw organized by Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.
Published: 28th September 2009

The Faded Gingham Dress - Stanford University Origin Legend

Message tells the story of a seemingly backwoods couple in threadbare clothes who, after being rudely rebuffed by the President of Harvard University when they offered to donate a building in honour of their dead son, subsequently established Stanford University at Palo Alto, California.
Published: 24th September 2009
Budweiser Frogs Virus Hoax

Email claims that a screensaver featuring the Budweiser Frogs contains a dangerous computer virus.
Updated: 23rd September 2009

Invisible Man Photographs - Man Painted to Blend into Background

Message claims that attached photographs depict a man who paints himself in such a way that he appears to blend into the background to such an extent that he is almost invisible.
Published: 22nd September 2009
Hotmail Account Hoax

Ten year old Hotmail account closure hoax continues to circulate.
Updated: 22nd September 2009
Btinternet Email Account Phishing Scam

Email targeting BT Yahoo (Btinternet) users claims that the recipient's account will be suspended if he or she does not reply with account login details within 72 hours.
Published: 18th September 2009

BT Unpaid Bill Phone Scam Warning

Email warns that scammers posing as UK telecommunications company BT staff are tricking people into revealing their bank or credit card details by claiming that their phone service will be disconnected if they do not pay an overdue bill immediately.
Published: 18th September 2009

Crop Art - Rice Fields of Japan

Message claims that attached photographs depict giant works of art created by growing different coloured rice plants in Japanese rice fields.
Published: 18th September 2009
Strongest Dog In The World Photograph

Email with an attached photograph of a very muscular canine claims that the dog is the strongest in the world and works for the Russian Army.
Updated: 10th September 2009
Unreported Income Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from the Internal Revenue Service claims that a possible fraud attempt involving unreported income has been discovered by the tax agency and urges the recipient to click a link to review his or her tax statement.
Published: 10th September 2009

Sam Bish Prayer Request Email
Email calls for prayers to help speed the recovery of 8 year old Sam Bish, who has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer.
Published: 3rd September 2009
Google Promotion Award Advance Fee Scam

Email claims that the recipient has won a large sum of money in a "Promotion Award" operated by search engine giant, Google.
Published: 29th August 2009

L.P.C. Electronics Sony Vaio Laptop Giveaway Hoax

Message claims that L.P.C. Electronics is giving away Sony Vaio Laptop to recipients who forward the email to twenty other people.
Published: 21st August 2009

Nancy Pelosi and The Three Trips of Captain Cook

Message claims that Nancy Pelosi, current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, answered a psychiatrist's test question in a way that revealed a decided lack of intelligence.
Published: 20th August 2009
Big Slip - Giant Water Slide Jump Video

Viral video supposedly shows a man sliding down a giant water slide at great speed before flying off a ramp at the end of the slide to land in a small round wading pool.
Published: 14th August 2009
Tow Bikes - Converted Motorbikes That Can Tow Vehicles

Circulating photographs show a specialized motorbike that has a towing attachment that can be used to easily retrieve broken down vehicles in heavy traffic situations.
Published: 14th August 2009

Bell Canada Phishing Scam Email

Email purporting to be from Bell Canada claims that, due to a problem with a recent bill payment, the customer is required to click a link and update billing information via an online form.
Published: 7th August 2009
Free Luminous Inverters for Forwarding Email Hoax

Message claims that those who forward an email to a specified number of people will receive a free power inverter from Indian based power technologies company Luminous.
Published: 1st August 2009
Alarmist and Inaccurate Swine Flu Warning

Swine flu warning email claims that the virus is already wiping out entire villages in Asia and is set to kill 6 out of ten people when a mutated version reaches the United States. The message claims that the information has been confirmed by the CDC and Johns Hopkins.
Published: 31st July 2009

Canada Revenue Agency Tax Refund Phishing Scam

Email, purportedly from the Canada Revenue Agency, claims that the recipient can claim a tax refund by filling in an online form.
Published: 30th July 2009
Overdue Payments Advance Fee Scam

Message claims that the recipient is owed payments of $5.5 million dollars and he or she should contact a specified "representation officer" to arrange transfer of the funds.
Published: 30th July 2009
Old Airplane Converted To Home Photographs

Message claims that attached photographs show an old aircraft that has been converted into a luxuriously appointed private home.
Published: 26th July 2009

Bristol Zoo Car Park Attendant Hoax

Message claims that a man posing as a car park attendant at Bristol Zoo collected unauthorised parking fees from zoo visitors for 25 years before absconding to Spain to live in luxury on the proceeds of his illegal activities.
Published: 17th July 2009

Woolworths Two Hundred And Fifty Rand Cookie Recipe Hoax

Message claims that after Woolworths (South Africa) effectively tricked a customer into paying the "outrageous" price of 250 rand for a cookie recipe, the customer began circulating free copies of the recipe via email as a means of protesting the company's tactics.
Published: 15th July 2009

Michael Jackson Died Years Ago Hoax

Email claims that Michael Jackson actually died many years ago and that the star's decayed body has recently been discovered buried at the Neverland Ranch. It suggests that an "other worldly" impostor has been playing the role of Michael Jackson for a number of years.
Updated: 14th June 2009
ATM Security Advise Message : Enter PIN In Reverse to Call Police

Message claims that if you are forced by robbers to withdraw money from an ATM, you can secretly alert police by entering your PIN in reverse.
Updated: 22nd June 2009
Australian Tax Refund Scam Email

Email, purporting to be from the Australian Taxation Office, claims that the recipient can receive a large tax refund by clicking a link in the message and filling out a web based form.
Updated: 18th June 2009
Friend Stranded in Foreign Country Scam Emails

Email supposedly from a person known to you claims that he or she is stranded without money or papers in a foreign land because of a robbery and asks that you send funds urgently via a wire transfer to help the person return home.
Published: 18th June 2009
St.George Bank Phishing Scam Emails

Emails, purporting to be from Australia's St. George Bank, claim that the recipient needs to click a link to logon to his or account in order to update information, retrieve messages, or rectify specified problems with the account.
Published: 17th June 2009

Missouri Teacher's Letter To Obama

Email claims that a letter to US President Obama that strongly criticizes his recent conduct was written by Kathleen Lyday, a school teacher from Missouri.
Published: 16th June 2009
B737 Mid Air Collision Photos Hoax

Update - In June 2009, versions of this hoax email began circulating that implied an association between the photographs and the crash of an Air France Airbus in the Atlantic on May 31st 2009.
Updated: 11th June 2009
F-35 Fighter Jet Vertical Take-Off Flip Video

Message claims that an attached video shows an F-35 Fighter Jet flipping upside down during a vertical takeoff mishap and then taking off safely after the highly skilled Navy pilot regained control of the aircraft.
Published: 10th June 2009

Commonwealth Bank Phishing Scam Emails

Emails, purporting to be from Australia's Commonwealth Bank, claim that the recipient needs to click a link to logon to his or account in order to update information or rectify specified problems with the account.
Published: 2nd May 2009
Gibraltar Airport Runway Photographs

Email claims that attached photographs show a busy road that goes right across the main runway at Gibraltar airport.
Published: 28th May 2009

Corpus Christi - Gay Jesus Movie Hoax

Protest email claims that an upcoming movie to be called Corpus Christi depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals.
Published: 14th May 2009
Ericsson Lap-Top Computer Giveaway Hoax

Message claims that Ericsson will give away a free laptop computer to those who send the message to 8 or more people.
Updated: 13th May 2009

Loteria Espana Scam Email

Email claims that the recipient's email address has been randomly selected to win a large sum of money in a Spanish lottery.
Published: 12th May 2009
Jim Neugent - Rude Response from ABC

Email claims that a man named Jim Neugent received a very rude response when he contacted US television network ABC to complain about an episode of "The Practice" which dealt with the possible gay marriage of two of the characters.
Published: 11th May 2009

One Way Glass Toilet

Email claims that attached photographs show a public toilet made of one way glass located in Houston, Texas.
Published: 7th May 2009
Nigerian Computer Scientist Advance Fee Scam

Person posing as a computer scientist at a Nigerian bank claims that he can help procure the release of a large sum of money owed to the recipient that has been deliberately held up by other bank officials.
Published: 5th May 2009
Fake Facebook Login Phishing Scam

Messages attempt to lure Facebook users into logging into bogus Facebook lookalike sites such as fbstarter.com.
Published: 1st May 2009
Christopher Butterfield Hacker Warning Hoax

Message warns that a person named Christopher Butterfield is a hacker and that simply accepting a friend request from him will allow him to hack in to your computer.
Published: 30th April 2009

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