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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do not click on anything: Malicious Links Leading to Malware

My dear friends,

Please, do not click on anything until you read it carefully. In an article from eWeek magazine, they explain how not the click on malicious links. I was unable to copy the image they used for the article (frame 9 of the slide show), but it is a web-page that says, “Micheal Jackson Was Killed..... But Who Killed Micheal Jackson?.........(then the bad guys give you a link to click on).... x-file-Jacksonskiller.exe
eWeek magazine:
"Malicious Links Leading to Malware
We end at the place where it all starts for phishing victims—the infection. In the example here, the user is tricked into visiting a malicious site. This one promises the visitor information about the "murder" of pop star Michael Jackson. All users have to do to get infected is click on the link on the page."
Please visit the website to get the entire article about how notorious Trojans hit bank and steal your money: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Security/How-Notorious-Trojans-Hit-Banks-and-Steal-Your-Money-546225/?kc=EWKNLFIN11022009STR1

Hope some of this sinks in to your heads and gets applied.

Yours, sincerely,

Holiness David

Defrag every day; save a hard drive


Hi relatives,

The purpose of this article is to teach about the tangible benefits of disk defragmentation software for desktop, netbook and laptop computers.

  1. The stuff we put on our hard drive gets put all over the place instead all together; but that's what happens.  We call it fragmentation of the hard drive.  What a mess! So, we do de-fragmentation which puts it all together: the gathering of all the parts of all the different programs and files on a hard drive into one contiguous chunk. There are some exceptions to this and it requires reading the website noted below.
  2. Defrag every day; save a hard drive; it only takes 2 to 3 minutes.  Sorta like: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  3. What I mean here is that when we perform a daily defragmentation on our hard drives, the hard drive has less work to do and therefore will last longer. It also means that your programs start faster and your wait time for data will be decreased.  Your blood pressure will be less and your heart last longer.

Happily, this software is FREE!!
A new and improved version of defragmentation is available, "MyDefrag” (version 4.3.1).  It is easier to use and understand so that a person can gain a better understanding of what is happening and how to use this software to the advantage of you, the user, and your equipment, the hard drives.
On the new version of MyDefrag you will be given the option of running different types of defragmentation. The choices that will most often be used are: Optimize Daily, Optimize Weekly, Optimize Monthly. Each has it own characteristics that are described by clicking on each one and reading the description to the right.
After defragmentation, applications load faster, the computer boots to a useable state in less time, and backups require less time to transfer data.  Over all, you'll see a much faster computer.

Don't forget to install and run SpywareBlaster, Spybot Search & Destroy, AVG Free and Eusing Registry Cleaner .  The combination of using all of these software programs WILL get your computer running much faster!!!

I have used Mr. Kessele's defragmentation software for several years.  He gives you a lot of information that will help you to understand what is happening and thus, get even better hard drive performance, and better computer performance.
The main website is: http://kessels.biz/JkDefrag/. Please take the time to read at least some of the stuff on this page. Here he has all of his stuff including some stuff of his personal life. It's nice to know that there is a human behind the software. There's pictures of his parents, cats, etc. At the bottom of this page are icons the link to sending an email, or to go to his home page.
If you have any questions, you can email Mr. Kessels at jeroen@kessels.com or email me (runningeagleshootingstar@gmail.com).

Holiness David