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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Set-up to Defragment Automatically Every Day! It's Important to Computer Health!

MyDefrag v4.2.7 http://www.mydefrag.com/

Hi relatives,
Setting up your computer to run defragment every day only takes a few minutes to do.  Read on.

The story: I just received a laptop that was very, very slow.  It has a 933MHz processor, which is not that bad.  With everything running properly, it should be pretty snappy.

On my regular computer, performing a defrag on a daily basis only takes 2 to 3 minutes.  This new (old) laptop that I just got took 5 HOURS to defrag.  That was the simplest type of defragmentation!  I'll bet that this 8 year-old computer had never been defragmented.

The procedure:  Let's go through the set-up for doing defrag automatically every day. Click on the following:
1. Start
2. All Programs
3. Accessories
4. System Tools
5. Scheduled Tasks
6. File - New - Scheduled Task
7. Give a name - for example, MyDefrag
8. Put the cursor over the new name and double left click to bring up Properties.
9. Click on the Schedule tab.
10. For Schedule Task: select Daily
11. For Start Time: select the time and AM or PM
12. For Schedule Task Daily: select every 1 day
13. On the Settings tab: make sure to change the 2nd item, Stop the task if it runs, change from 72 hours to 5 hours. Their are no other changes to this tab.
14. Click on Apply and click on OK
That is all there is to it.  You are new an expert at creating scheduled tasks.
Just make sure your computer is turned on for the time your scheduled task is to occur.

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate contacting me at holinessdavid@alightfromwithin.org
Cheers and Blessings,
Holiness David
Elder Lavender person
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Welcome to the home of love, where your computer gets to know of hugs.  Take the time to give it love, to ensure the spine stands, on the test of time (until you update again protection files). For only you can operate the golden rule, do unto your computer, who knows who to fool.  But we do outwit the sliest fox, when we give love instead of gloves (put them up, combative forces).  The greatest part of protection is clear, the smooth operation of moving in space is dear (world wide web). Protect my computer God above to bring the Angels down below. Bless and bless the common place, to be rest assured that all is grace.

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