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Monday, August 31, 2009

Personal Antivirus - DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

I got a pop-up notice on my computer screen. It said that I had a virus and that it could damage my computer and prompted my to click on the little box for getting help.

Dear friends I have seen this before. Do not click on anything. Leave it there and immediately go to your protection software. Download the latest updates. Run all scans to include: Spybot Search and Destroy, SpywareBlaster, and AVG antivirus.

More on the Personal Antivirus:

"While the program is running you will also see the following undesirable behavior:

  • A Window impersonating Windows Security Center stating that you should purchase Personal Antivirus.

  • Numerous alerts stating that your computer is under attack or that you have malware running on your computer. If you click on these alerts, Personal Antivirus will be installed, or you will be brought to the purchase page for the program.

  • Your Internet Explorer browser will be hijacked to show security warnings when browsing the web that stop you from reaching your desired page.

All of these alerts and tactics are being used for one thing; to convince you that you have a problem in the hopes that you purchase Personal Antivirus. Instead of doing so, please use the free removal guide below to remove this program and any related malware."

These protection programs I are listed above are in detail in my post “Protecting Your Computer for Free!”

It is posted in this blog and also in the Running Eagle Shooting Star blog.

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